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Quality Control

Quality Control record label represents some of the biggest rappers of the moment:

Quavo, Offset, Takeoff, Lil Yachty, and Lil Baby. Each has a powerful personality, distinctive style,

and unique trajectory, at the same time, they’re all part of a collective.

To spotlight the intersection of these storylines, our approach was to utilize a black and white palette

with watercolor highlights in order to establish a degree of uniformity.


The Landmark Series highlights the SS19 Collection from Soho designer Vivienne Hu

against iconic New York City landmarks.

In order to disrupt the urban landscape, models were shot against a screen, purposefully to obstruct

the head-on perspective. This allowed us to use the cityscape as refreshed canvas.


The New Consumer purchases the brand, not the product; they’re buying an idea, an experience. A label embodies all desires, possibilities, and values that a brand personifies, it becomes a lifestyle. 

We call this brand over matter.


We illustrated this powerful concept by replacing luxury handbags with brown paper stand-ins. The brand identity speaks volumes despite the cheap paper. 

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